Underwater with Julie Gautier for Vegan Brand



I have always dreamed of being part of underwater productions
for films, music videos & conscious brands that resonate
with my personal values and make a positive
difference in this world!

We all can thrive without exploiting animals, human beings or nature.
Abundance is our natural state.
And this is what I love about this entire project!
It´s co-creation at its best!

So where did it all start?

I was just in Cap Ferret when the amazing Julie Gautier-Nery (film director,
underwater camera superwoman & amazing creative genius)
gave me a call and told me
about her next underwater production project. She has realised a couple of really
stunning underwater projects like “Free Fall” with her husband Guillaume Nery,
“Naughty Boy – Runnin´ (Lose it All) ft. Beyoncé” and recently her new short film
“AMA”  and many more.

When Julie told me that the production she asked me to do with her is for an all
vegan, organic,...

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Fashion For Change: How To Safe Our Oceans + Underwater For Kenzo´s “No fish no nothing”

The fashion brand Kenzo partners up with charity Blue Marine Foundation to help save our oceans. As an underwater model/artist I decided to bring this message to a whole new dimension and take Kenzo´s “NO FISH NO NOTHING” collection underwater in Bali.

Fashion for change!

The environmental fashion photo shooting took place in a breathtaking underwater-location in Tulamben in Bali, Indonesia. My aim is to support the campaign (parts of profits goes to the charity). It´s time to realize the powerful meaning of the slogan “No fish no nothing” and I want you and everyone to realize that YOU have the power to make a real difference NOW!

Did you know?

  • The mass of large fish in our oceans is 10% of what it was in the 1950´s.
  • A quarter of the world´s sharks and rays (more and more every minute) are threatened with extinction.
  • If humanity continues to exploit and contaminate the oceans like now, life in the ocean will be...
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