Fashion For Change: How To Safe Our Oceans + Underwater For Kenzo´s “No fish no nothing”

The fashion brand Kenzo partners up with charity Blue Marine Foundation to help save our oceans. As an underwater model/artist I decided to bring this message to a whole new dimension and take Kenzo´s “NO FISH NO NOTHING” collection underwater in Bali.

Fashion for change!

The environmental fashion photo shooting took place in a breathtaking underwater-location in Tulamben in Bali, Indonesia. My aim is to support the campaign (parts of profits goes to the charity). It´s time to realize the powerful meaning of the slogan “No fish no nothing” and I want you and everyone to realize that YOU have the power to make a real difference NOW!

Did you know?

  • The mass of large fish in our oceans is 10% of what it was in the 1950´s.
  • A quarter of the world´s sharks and rays (more and more every minute) are threatened with extinction.
  • If humanity continues to exploit and contaminate the oceans like now, life in the ocean will be...
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