- an invitation to dive deep within. Out film has been selected and and is being shown in International Film Festivals during this time and therefore not publicly available. As soon as we launch it online I´ll let you know via Email. Sign up on this site if you want to be notified. You can watch the trailer below.

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About Lotus Underwater Film

Just like the seed of a lotus flower, we too carry all the information that we need for growth inside of us. The underwater film LOTUS by Angelika Fürstler & Austin Ahlborg is an experience to represent exactly that. We invite you to dive deep within and reconnect to your very core - just like the lotus rises from the mud and blossoms into the world.


Inspired by Angelika´s personal transformation

where after overcoming her near death experience in Mexico she decided to face her biggest fear - Water - and find the “flow of life” again. We revisited this experience on location in filming LOTUS.

Filmed in extreme situations

We dived down deep into the Cenotes - sacred Mayan underwater caves and rivers deep in the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico - to capture the breathtaking underwater dance (freediving up to -15m/50ft deep). We swam in the Caribbean Sea with whale sharks - the biggest fish in the world - and immersed ourselves in the harsh desert conditions of Joshua Tree, California USA. Due to the extreme conditions when filming LOTUS and the nature of our concept - we were forced to embody this transformation in the filmmaking process itself in bringing it to its fullest potential.

This film is an experience

beyond mere words. We intend for it to be experienced on a holistic level - to touch deep within.

Lotus is born

We are delighted to share this heart project together with people from all around the world. Right now Lotus is being shown in International Film Festivals all around the world and we'll let you know once we release it publicly online. The great news? The short film will be free for everybody. Feel free to share this, invite everybody you care about and help LOTUS bloom into the world. There's no better time than the present.

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Contact us

For press infos, interview requests & more please contact [email protected]

We are so grateful and happy to share this film with you


Meet our team

Angelika Fürstler

LOTUS Producer, co-director, story writer, artist, underwater model, actress, environmentalist, freediver, (4min 44secs breathhold), vegan, author, sprouting & "High Vibe Food" expert, dancer & yogi based in the South of France.

Austin Ahlborg

LOTUS Co-Director, Director of photography. LA based cinematographer by day and creator by choice. Diver, world traveler, lover of the outdoors. A creative spirit with dedication to the arts and meaningful projects.

Pepe Salcedo

Safety Diver & Location Scouting, Mexican Champion Freediver

Tabata Molina

Wardrobe & Fashion Designer

Oliver Riz

Story-Telling Music Composer using vibration-rising frequencies

Dream team

of so many supporters, wonderful souls, sponsors! THANK YOU ALL! 

Film Credits

A story by
Angelika Fürstler

Directed by
Austin Ahlborg & Angelika Fürstler

Creative Credits

Starring - Angelika Fürstler
Cinematography - Austin Ahlborg
Editing - Erik T. Butts
Coloring - Dan Edwards
Original Score - Oliver Riz Music
Dress Designer - Tabata Molina
Temazcal - Octavio Yah
Voice - Angelika Fürstler

Support Team Credits
Safety Freediver - Pepe Salcedo
Safety Diver - Davide Marcetti
Underwater Support - Sergio Fernandez Mendez, Mari Delgado, Jose Carlos Ponce 

Production Assistant - Laura Lilia Ramirez Romero
Production Assistant - Alex Abdian 

Camera Assistant - George Ellett
Sound Engineer - Jonny Dyas
Voice Recording Studio - Studio26 Frederic Beton

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

Thank you so much to all our supporters

Ling Lai, Romain Almirall-Torrel-Fürstler, Monika & Klaus Fürstler, Susan Scott Ahlborg, Françoise & Serge Almirall-Torrel, Claudia Sawaf-Arnold, Gaston Barcelo, Andres Macias Aboytes, Juan Ignacio Vergara Herrera, Carlos Benigno Vergara Herrera, Julian Englich, Dr. Jorge Cassir, Christine Storath & Dominik Werner, Pierre Lamberet Manudo SA, Louise Cartwright, Irina Titova-Kashan, Erin & Mike Hurley in honor of Brad Hurley and Lucy & James Price, Luca von Otto, Denise Baumert, Daria Martens & Daniel Aichinger, PA-Straubinger, Paul Gowin, Edward Pivcevic, Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, Michael & Dina Dotsikas, Lilian & Ming Wong, Peter & Michelle Neufeld, Michelle Palys, Wayne Yap, Jesse Mills, Alexandra Evans, Ben Liu, Jevon Parra, Myranda Stangeland, Sam Ewing, Danielle Blackman Cartau, Triccia Ramos, Veronika Federochenko, Ingeborg Funcke, Roland Faigle, Gerhard Lauer, Marion Senger, Brigitte Renault, Aude Laborde, Tom Arnold, Patti Lynn, Randy Garn, Brendon Burchard, Christiane Burchard, Ethan Willis, Dean Graziosi

Lotus Teaser

Lotus Art Project

Are you an artist? We invite creatives from all around the world to participate in the #LOTUSartproject where you take what inspired you when watching the LOTUS film and express it in your own unique art - May it be paintings, drawings, sculptures, dance and whatever it might be. Top artists are featured in our newsletter, on social media and selected art works will be printed on our LOTUS Collection - an all organic & sustainable apparel line.
Send us a photo of your art work (+documentatio) to [email protected] and tag us online.

"Just like the lotus

you too have the ability

to rise from the mud

bloom out of the darkness

and radiate into the world."

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