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Meet Angelika

Hi, my name is Angelika

an author,  sprouting & "High Vibe Food™" expert, passionate chef & chef tutor, entrepreneur, professional underwater model, artist, actress (still for meaningful productions) and vegan environmentalist.

I  love...

I love sprouts, "Greenquila" (grass juices), young fresh coconuts, adventure, travel, being creative, singing and dancing around the fire or really anywhere :), connecting with amazing, likeminded people! I love being in nature, swimming & freediving in the sea! I love yoga, meditation, breathwork and can hold my breath for 4min44secs. Exploring  the power of our (sub) consciousness, quantumn science, ancient wisdom, healing, truth and growth on every level are essential parts of my life.

Don´t just follow your bliss - LIVE it. Everyday.

And that´s how we truly change the world - from the inside out.

I´m so happy you are here!

I´m on a mission to enrich & positively impact the lives of 2 million people with sprouts, high vibe food & uplifting, inspirational and empowering content by 2020 :) Why? Because I wanna see you heal, grow, thrive, shine, be happy, radiant and live & enjoy life fully! You are not alone. We are in this together. Let´s set new standards of what´s possible. Let´s all be more authentic, aware & awesome. It all starts with us. Let´s live our bliss - NOW. Because we can and actually must :)

I believe...

we are all here for a reason and are meant to be who we truly are and do what fullfills us! I love to be creative! I love to invest my time, energy and ressources to make a positive difference in my world, in your world and our world!

I am actually in the process of producing an artistic underwater film about this right now. You´ll love it!

Check it out here

Official Bio

B.A AngelikA Fürstler, born in AustriA in April 1987,  is a holistic food/fitness/well-being/lifestyle book author, sprouting expert and initiator of the "High Vibe Food" movement. She is known as an international pro Underwater & Eco-Lifestyle model, the creator of the BounceBliss™ Holistic Fitness Lifestyle Program and the “Bounce-into-Bliss” Method and a passionate artist & entrepreneur. With VEGAN SUPER YACHT (since 2013) AngelikA created the first fully vegan training, service & lifestyle company in the yachting world.

The vegan environmentalist who now lives in the South of France is passionate about protecting our oceans, animals and entire ecosystem. She has been collaborating with a variety of non-profit organisations, foundations & associations (like Bluemarine Foundation, TAF The Animal Fund, Sharkwarrior, etc.) and has with artists like Benjamin Von Wong, Julie Gautier and others on meaningful projects.

Angelika is on a mission to raise awareness about what she calls “the ultimate superfoods” (= homegrown sprouts and microgreens)  and a holistic way of eating/ living/being, especially among children, our next generation.

AngelikA´s mission is to inspire and empower people from all around the world to wake up and live their  “BlissLife” –  your best life where you listen to your heart, follow your intuition, live your purpose, deal with sh*t, transform, transcend and live more and more of your full potential - becoming who you are truly meant to be. 

More of AngelikA´s content can be found on her BlissLife Blog (coming soon), BlissLife TV (coming soon) or BlissLife Podcast (coming soon) and for even more inspiration, education and empowerment check out her books, online-courses, online coaching-programs as well as live seminars/retreats and mastermind group. AngelikA speaks on live-events all around the world - in 3 languages - German, English and French and is a favourite guest at online summits, podcasts and shows.  


Wanna know my full story?

Then keen on reading...(yep and that´s actually the short version :))

It wasn´t always that way.


After I finished my studies in International Marketing Management in Austria in 2009 I lived and worked in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I had a great job as a Marketing Assistant in a hotel chain and loved the experience. Yet, deep in my heart I knew, there was much more I was meant to do. But I had no clue where to start cause it all seemed so overwhelming and "blurry". I put this inner conflict aside and continued with every day life...until one day something life changing happened.

Disease as a wake-up call


I catched a pretty bad bacterial infection and virus (apparently through some bad food I ate) and had massive digestive issues. For weeks no food wanted to "stay" in my body until one day, even after many treatments, I almost collapsed and landed in hospital. Then some more bad news. The virus had been so harsh on my body that all of a sudden I had an arrhythmic heart disease and besides also sinusitis and I don´t now what else. My mum called me on the phone and said "AngelikA please come home"...the insurance company wanted to fly me back home. They were speaking about heart surgery. I was like...WHAT? I felt like in a wrong movie and I knew, now is the time to take my own life in my own hands!

Life is like a dance, find your rhythm.

Clearly, my heart literally showed me that now was the time to actually find "my rhythm", my thing, my life purpose, my way. I decided to stay in that private hospital in Mexico and promised to myself that if I make it out alive, from now on I will listen to my heart, follow my intuition and simply go for it. And...turns out I did :) This seemingly "bad" incident actually was the biggest present FOR LIFE I could receive. Facing the possibility of death or mayor health issues sooo early on (I was only 22 years back then) truly made me become aware of what really matters in life!

I took the leap.

 Now it was the time for me to actually explore the world and especially the world within. Find out what I truly wanted to do in and with my life.  What followed was a 2-year "Journey of Awakening" that lead me all around the world. I said no to further job invitations and decided to explore all fields I was interested in. I became a professional model, started acting (tv, film, theatre + improv-workshops even from Oscar-prize winners), starting my own underwater art and also was an early emarketer. Besides I dived more into what interested me the most - spiritual "growth" - with all sorts of retreats, workshops, educations, etc. 

I faced my biggest year. 

 Yes it´s true and hard to believe and YES I really was scared of being in water...whether in a lake or in the sea. I was always terrified something would grab me and pull me down. When I came out of the hospital I did a Temazcal - a Mayan rebirthing ritual and it made me reflected on many things, especially my fears and how I truly wanted to live life. I realised how my fears were actually keeping me in a cage, preventing me from truly living. So I decided to face my my fear with the potential risk of "dying" rather than staying in the "prison of fear" and actually not "living fully" all my life long. And you know what I did? I went swimming with the biggest known fish on earth - whale sharks. 

It became my biggest passion. 

 And you guessed it, especially if you saw my underwater work. Being in the ocean with these amazingly wonderful gentle giants, seeing how they breathe and how they literally levitate bye...I had the most breathtaking experience and literally my biggest fear got transformed into my biggest fascination and passion and the sincere desire to actively help protect our precious oceans, wildlife and wonderful mother earth arose in me like never before. This was the beginning of my journey as an environmentalist. And we are just getting the party started!

Why I became vegan?

 At the same time my vegan journey started. I first stopped eating meat & dairy, then fish & seafood and ultimately eggs. Before I actually was still believing all the lies we got told, like milke with honey is good for a cold, we need meat for iron, etc. A friend of mine opened my eyes and told me about some nutritional truths which shocked me and yet opened my eyes. And I just asked myself...okay, so if the thing with the milk is a lie...what else is not true... and ever since I have been on an ongoing exploration and research behind the scenes - looking for the truth and finding new ways. This is exactly what my clients appreciate and love so much about me. Animals are my friends and I will do everything to protect them!

Unexpected turn

 After 2-years of traveling around the world, with the most amazing adventures, realisations and encounters I traveled to the Cannes Film Festival in France where I worked as a model. I wanted to find film makers to be part of conscious films that open peoples´ minds, touch their hearts and truly make a difference in the world. *lol* At that time that´s not at all what I found in was more the contrary and my bubble of illusions popped. How naiv, I thought to myself...Synchronistically something essential happened throughout this trip - something that changed my life forever.

Did you guess?

 Long story short - I met the love of my life - my husband. OMG the story itself is  worth a film. After some more traveling I decided to follow my heart and move together in the South of France. Not speaking the language...not knowing what to do professionally here...nothing really felt right but the one thing - that he was my man. He would have come anywhere in the world with me but we eventually decided to stay on the Cote D´Azur for now. We engaged after 4 months and got married 1,5 years after (1st September 2012) we meet and am happily married ever since. This man and our relationship is a dream come true and I am forever grateful for all we are and get to experience together :) 

This is how it happened.

 Before everything else - now was the moment for me to get some more balance back into my life and create a base. I had been vegan for a while at that point, yet still felt like something was missing... I knew there was more to discover and I asked myself " How can I nourish myself for life - all life long?" Somehow after some time and lots of research sprouts and microgreens kept on popping up on my radar again... I was fascinated about them, digged deeper and knew I found a treasure! 

The Ultimate Superfoods

 Sprouts, microgreens, grasses as well as activated nuts & seeds truly are the ultimate superfood on the planet! They are pure nutrient bombs, easy to make in no time, accessible in any climate, affordable for anyone and pure power food that has not only healing and harmonizing but also revitalising and empowering benefits. THEY CHANGED MY LIFE. It´s like I actually had a second awakening and there is no way to describe it in words. You must feel & experience it. 

Be the change you wanna see

 It was clear for me that I HAD to share this with like E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. I started my "LovingLife" blog at the time in 2011 + making youtube videos and long story short - a publisher found me and proposed to do a book together. To make it even easier for my readers I actually created my first online course, the Sprouting Kickstart Challenge (2014 in German), then the Sprouting Vitality Club (1-year coaching programme), then the second book came and so forth. I obsessed on this topic and quickly became THE expert on sprouting.  I also developed a holistic fitness & wellbeing program - BounceBliss - as well as an annual journal for personal growth the "BlissLifeBOOK".  Basically I simply looked for solutions for myself and then others asked if I would share what I found & do with them. 

How I got into yachting?

I was still modeling and often got invited on fancy yacht & estate parties yet there never was proper food for me to eat. Caviar and Champaign really turned me off - I was more the type who scanned the whole buffet for broccoli and green peas :D I thought those yacht chefs must know it all - turned out they didn´t. So I ended up in the kitchen, explaining them what they could do and if it was a friend´s party I would usually get into the kitchen and prepare snacks for everyone myself *lol
Soon they asked me for coaching, then training and voila VEGAN SUPER YACHT was born. After that my clients ask me for provisioning, then chef placements, chef trainings and the list goes on. I got to create and experience amazing things like luxury vegan weddings where I designed and catered the entire menu for in the South of France. And one day something special happend. 

How I actually became a chef

Ever since I was a little girl I LOVED being in the kitchen, preparing food. I was known for my insanely delicious cakes, pastry and food in general. Of course all standard Austrian food. For me it was so natural to create culinary art that I never thought it was special. I even sold super special chocolate creations & caramalised fruits at school events, etc.  When I lived in Sedona, USA in 2010 I learned a lot about raw food and people ask me to open up a restaurant or sell my kale chips that everyone craved. Turns out people also LOVED my food on yachts and fancy parties. But since I never had a "proper education"  I did not think it was possible. At the same time I just knew soooo much about food, advanced nutrition (the real deal) and even got standing ovations by people who eat my food... that I said.. you know what... I give it a try. One invitation after the other came prepare food for mayor events with 400-800 people as well as doing fancy private dinners with some awesome health-conscious private clients & VIPs. It´s just all in the flow :)

Unique "High Vibe Food" approach

I truly digged in deep, went very far in my field of studies,  experimented, invented and created recipes every day...Endless hours for years...To be honest... the beginning wasn´t that easy. Vegan wasn´t so well known at that time at all. Not even to speak about "High Vibe Food" and the energetic aspects of it. And yet I kept going, kept exploring, expanding, advancing and realising more and more about what actually nourishes us on every level. I looked at the biophotons and energetic quality of food, food combinations and so much more. 

Combining all of this science and information with practical know-how to turn it into the most delicious, nutritious food at the highest standard possible. That was just the food I made for myself and my husband.

And soon it was those exact people who told me in the first place that there was no place for my vegan "High Vibe" cuisine in the yachting world who actually called me for advice, cause they had more and more yacht owners & guests who wanted vegan food or had gluten-/sugar allergies/intolerances, etc. And then one day another door opened.

The best food a billionaire ever had?

I got asked to cook for a private client & guests in a wonderful beach villa. I simply did my thing not really knowing...will it be good enough ? After 2 weeks of giving my all, working up to 17,5 hours a day, my client tells me all of a sudden- "This was the best food I ever had in my  life"... wow, what a feedback especially from such an awakened, wonderful, wealthy human being who has had countless chefs make food for him.

Cooked for billionaires, Hollywood actors, inventors and more amazing people.

I got offered the opportunity to work as an exclusive private chef for one of my clients - which I happily agreed to - cause it was a 100% vegan position and I simply loved my clients (the most humble, kind, wonderful, fun, awakened human beings)  So I got to prepare the most amazing food in the most amazing locations for the most amazing people and LOVED it!  More than a year of amazing experiences and adventures! And still my intuition kept telling me soon that there was more for me to do in this world and that I needed to move on. I knew I should reach and serve more people in our world. So I moved on to creating more transformational courses & programs online and still get to enjoy coaching and still cooking some of my amazing private clients (like pro-athletes, billionaires, artists, inventors, etc.) 

Be honest  to yourself!

I believe we should constantly re-evaluate if we are still on track, if professions and projects still resonate with our deepest core values & truth or if it´s time to course-correct and change. We just need to listen to the signs and then take action. No money in the world can buy you happiness! And so I am constantly reassessing where I am going in life. Am I on life-purpose? Did I drift off a bit? Quite frankly - nothing - no status - no financial results - no amount of followers - is worth giving up true fulfilment that you get by being who you are, doing what you love and what you are supposed to do. Every experience in life has it´s time and place - yet always have the courage to do what feels right and
live your truth . 

Follow your dreams, they know the way!

I am so thankful for the meaningful work I get to do and the thousands of human lives and probably millions of animal lives that already got positively impacted through it. And what else is possible now? Wherever you are, it´s never too late to start. Whatever that might be for you...eating healthier, moving more, being creative, starting your dream business... just take the first step and take it from here!

And can you imagine? I am co-producing, co-directing and acting in my first underwater short-film LOTUS... a story about transformation.

Check it out here

Let´s make a difference!

You know what´s most important to me right now? To make a difference that matters! Creating a conscious & socially as well as environmentally ethical business to support even more meaningful projects. Did you know?  By investing into your own growth & wellbeing through my programs, products, etc. you actually help making an even bigger difference! 5% of all my profits + 100% of all profits from my BlissPlanet Organic Clothing Store go into my non-profit BlissPLANET projects. And I wanna leave you with this question. If we all make a change individually what can we actually achieve collectively?

BlissPLANET Organic Clothing Store

Oh did I  mention? 

Wow you made it so far down here. I am gonna let you in on more secret few people know about me. So many assume I had like the most harmonious perfect childhood. Nope, I did not have that all sweet and sound childhood as many people assume when they see how "healthy" my lifestyle is nowadays. In fact I had a really rough one. Many alcoholics in my family, psychological violence, f*cked up drama situations... trust me I cried oceans of tears. And at the same time I had wonderful experiences in my childhood that I am so thankful about.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that on a soul level we choose our path, family & situations. So all of this helped me to start with personal development like suuuuper early. I was practising meditation and yoga without even knowing what it was and doing breathwork with 14 at the school bench to calm down my panick attacks.

I had a lot of things to cope with like lacking self esteem and confidence (truth revealed - I became a model to see if I really wasn´t ugly -cause that´s what I believed....whaaaaat?), sudden shyness when naturally I was the most communicative girl ever, panic attacks, emotional eating, self sabotaging, you name it.


And since so many people ask... No I wasn´t always that health conscious. I had my phases where I didn´t know better either. I had my first cigarette when I was 8 years old (thanks to my brother *lol),  I had all hair colors you can imagine, a nose piercing, did drink alcohol (cause that´s what you simply do when you go out and party) and the list goes on.

And yet I always was quite aware and simply wanted to know how this world works. I was looking for the truth. I knew there was more. And even though I was paralysed by pain and insecurities for a while in my life I always had lots of wonderful times with my family, in nature, my dog and 13 other pets I had...and  I quickly identified when I was developing harming behaviours and simply changed them. I was the best high-performance coach as a kid - actually and I I knew what was good for me and which way I had to go to grow... even though it meant facing my biggest fears.

All I wanted was to be happy and live a harmonious life. And I wanted people around me to have the same.

Looking back I can say I had the BEST childhood ever! It made me become exactly who I am today. Like the saying goes "It takes a lot of pressure to form a diamond" and honestly yes I see the good in pain...because it is the first step of transformation. I am thankful for EVERYTHING!!!! It taught me so much! And I wanna end this page with one of my favourite sayings:

"It doesn´t matter where you come from. 
It matters where you are going and who you are being and becoming along the way."

AngelikA Fürstler