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Live your Bliss

So great you are here

If you want to live your truth & full potential and feel more connected, in-tune, energized, inspired, fullfilled & bliss in your life - then this is your place. Be ready for kickass inspiration, education & empowerment. Let´s grow together! Now is your time to rise and thrive!

You have what  it  takes to make your dreams come true!

It´s time to make your world (inside-out) a better place, feel more vibrant, alive and start living
the life you know is possible! 

"Angelika represents the power of sprouts and a plant-based lifestyle with heart and soul"

Dirk Müller, Chief Editor, VEGAN für mich Magazin


BlissLife Blog

Check out my growing blog all about holistic lifestyle, delicious "High Vibe Food", sprouting, eco-friendly living, selfcare, personal & spiritual growth, empowerment,  my underwater adventures & so much more to come.

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Let´s grow together

Books & courses to grow on every level. (English coming up)

Be the change.

When you invest in your own life & wellbeing through my work you also positively impact the lives of others and help us make a difference that matters :)

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