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What was once my biggest fear

is now my biggest passion & calling.

In 2009 I went swimming with whale sharks, the biggest known fish in the world. That day my biggest fear became my biggest passion and inspired the sincere desire to help protect our precious oceans, wildlife and mother nature.


International Underwater Model

I have been working as a professional underwater model all around the world for all sorts of breathtaking projects. (Photo/Film/TV/Art/Environmental)

Breathtaking underwater projects

I have been blessed to work with some of the most amazing artists, photographers, directors, film makers and extraordinary human beings like Julie Gautier, Benjamin Von Wong, Jacques Ballard in productions all over the world.


I hold the PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate and am a passionate freediver (Level 1) with a static breathhold of up to 4min 44secs. Freediving depth max. 15-20m depending on circumstances, outifts, etc. Experience in all sorts of waters (ocean, sea, lakes, rivers) as well as temperatures varying from comfortable tropical temperatures to lakes with 13 degrees Celsius water temperature.

Positive impact & meaningful projects

I choose to be involved in projects that make a positive difference in the world ! I love to work with environmentally conscious and ethical brands and am a huge supporter of environmental causes, associations, etc.

Lotus Underwater Film

Out of my desire to make a difference and create films that touch peoples´ hearts and inspire and empower them to live their truth - I am so grateful to present you my very first underwater film project that is happening right now.

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