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Bliss Planet

Thank you

for contributing to what matters! 5% of all my profits (and 100% of all BlissPlanet Organic Clothing profits) are donated to my BlissPLANET projects, dedicated to making a positive impact in the world through raising awareness in the fields of environment, animal & wildlife protection as well as human consciousness/philantrophy through art, concrete education, inspiration and empowerment!

Ever since I was a child I was involved in projects that make a difference and actually founded a few myself already as a teenager. You can already visit my BlissPLANET Online Store where you find a more infos on what´s stands behind the idea. If you want to see my current BlissPLANET project "LOTUS" - an underwater art film to inspire and empower people to listen within and live their truth - then check it out below :)

Lotus Underwater Film Project

This short film invites you to dive deep within your heart & soul to discover the treasures of life and live your truth. Filmed underwater (fully in freediving) in the breathtaking Cenotes in Mexico as well as in the Yoshua Tree Desert. It tells the story of a seed that awakens and transforms into its full potential - the lotus flower. An enthralling, artistic film that will move you!

Watch the Trailer

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