” Your biggest fear might be your biggest passion.

Face it and you truly live. ”

AngelikA Fürstler

For 21 years AngelikA´s biggest fear was to drown underwater.  When she recovered from a severe illness while living in Playa del Carmen in Mexico she decided that it was time to face her fear. “The worst thing that can happen is that I die. I´d rather die than never truly live just because my fear is keeping me in a cage”. To face her fear she decided to go swimming with whale sharks.  “It changed my life forever! The moment I was underwater all the fear was gone and all there was left was pure fascination and the bliss of being alive. It was majestic and one of the most profound experiences in my life”.

Angelika Furstler Website Uw-1
Angelika Furstler Website Uw-3
Angelika Furstler Swimming With Whale Sharks
Seychelles Shark Sanctuary

International Underwater Artist, Actress & Model

Ever since this experience in 2009 WATER has been an essential element of AngelikA´s life. In fact she was so fascinated and passionate about being and expressing herself underwater that she became a true master in it.

Pers. Breath-hold Record
4 Minutes 44 Seconds

Open Water Diver
Padi Certified, 2010

max. 20 meter

Ocean, Sea, Lake,
River, Pool


Professional Experience:

AngelikA has extensive international experience as a professional underwater model, actress and artist.
She was hired for a variety of projects in the following fields and also produced and directed her own projects.








Good  Causes

What really drives AngelikA Fürstler is her passion for making a change right now and respecting and protecting our mother earth, keeping our water and land clean and respecting every earthling underwater and above. The young environmentalist thrives on a plant-based lifestyle and enjoys working with a variety of non-profit organizations, charity events and projects that make our world a better place. NOW is the time to make the cahnce. It´s our generation!  AngelikA Fürstler acts as an ambassador for SHARK WARRIOR (Afri Oceans), has worked in collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation and is currently planning her own “green” projects. Her aim is to spread awareness through her underwater art photos and by inspiring, educating and empowering people to fuel themselves with plantbased foods. (To learn more about it and support her please contact us directly. contact(at)


Work with AngelikA

“I LOVE to be underwater and co-create amazing scenes for photo, film, tv. Whether it´s to spread a great message, create stunning underwater art, support a music video, present a fantastic product or breath-taking fashion underwater or play my dream role in a conscious film – if you have a feeling or vision of working with me please get in touch via email to contact(at) or get in touch with me and my team via the contact form on this website. “

Please note:
AngelikA chooses to work with companies and brands who share the same philosophy
and interest of making this world a better place for all of us! Her interest lies in working with earth-conscious brands and projects that leave a positive footprint in this world and who´s message go beyond brands and ego but enlighten and uplift people and the planet. 8%+ of all profits of AngelikA Fürstler, BounceBliss, VeganSuperYacht go into her “BlissPlanet” projects and future foundation.

AngelikA FURSTLER Underwater Model Artist–3
Massimiliano Finzi
Angelika Furstler Website Uw-1
Angelika Furstler Website Uw-3
23_Water Reflection
Underwater 1
26_Angelika Furstler Prof, Flexible Underwater Model
AngelikAFurstler_diving Into Dimensions
Angelika Fürstler_SEYCHELLES_Rock,Water, Paradize Cover-11
Underwater 5
16_AngelikA Furstler_Reflections
Massimiliano Finzi
13_Angelika Fürstler_Thank You-1
Massimiliano Finzi
17_AngelikA Furstler Gets Energized By Breath Taking Underwater YogART
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Angelika UW
Underwater 3
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AngelikA´s video reel:

A big thank you to my collaboration partners & supporters


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