B.A AngelikA Fürstler, born in AustriA in April 1987,  is a holistic food/fitness/well-being/lifestyle book author, coach/consultant and entrepreneur. AngelikA Fürstler is the creator of the BounceBliss™ Holistic Fitness Lifestyle/Concept and the “Bounce-into-Bliss” Mindful Movement Method, international Underwater & Eco-Lifestyle model, passionate artist and a creative plant-based “BlissFood” chef. With VEGAN SUPER YACHT (since 2013) AngelikA created the first fully vegan training, service & lifestyle in the yachting world.

The young environmentalist who now lives in the South of France is passionate about protecting our oceans, animals and entire ecosystem . She acts as a Shark Warrior Ambassador for Afri-Oceans and is especially keen on spreading awareness about what she calls “the ultimate superfoods” (bean sprouts and microgreens) and a holistic way of eating/ living/being, especially among children, our next generation.

AngelikA´s mission is to inspire and empower people from all around the world
to wake up and live their personal “BlissLife”
– their best life possible filled with passion & purpose and fully enjoy their life being who they really are while doing what they truly love.

AngelikA teaches her unique holistic food/fitness/lifestyle approach throughout seminars, retreats, other live events, private coaching, online-programs, books, videos & more. Her personal passion is to create inspiring and breath-taking art underwater and above. Her art work is part of many private art collections worldwide.

AngelikA Fürstler is constantly evolving in the way how she nourishes herself (fully plant-based since 2010; mostly living foods, gluten- and canesugar-free & prana) and happens to be an animal & earth-loving tree hugger who loves to swim with whale sharks and dolphins, holding her breath underwater for up to 4 minutes 44 seconds.

My values § mission

AngelikA Fürstler stands for awareness, purpose, growth, sustainability, authenticity, joy, innovation, creativity, love and compassion. Her mission is to inspire positive change for humans, animals, plants and the planet by sharing her art and supporting millions of people to improving their life by inspiring, and empowering them to awaken their Bliss within to ultimately walk their unique way and live their best life possible.

Everything AngelikA does is guided by her intuition and own spiritual path and life purpose of supporting people to improve their lives through her art, energy and the lessons she has learned and realizations she made.

Vision am Koenigsfelsen

Some background…

After her studies in International Marketing Management AngelikA was successful (but not truly fulfilled) in many professions, working as a model, actress, marketer and art director, however her intuition told her that she was meant to do something different…something she could not define yet. In 2009 she had a huge  “wake up call” when she became very sick while living in Mexico. She realized that ” if life is a dance and we have to find our rhythm” it was time for her to find her own rhythm of life.

She decided to now “go with the flow” and fully follow her intuition that lead her to all sorts of spiritual healing experiences and a 2-year-long  “Journey of Awakening” around the world.  She faced her biggest fear of water and realized that it was one of her biggest passions. Finally AngelikA discovered her real purpose and instead of fear and drama she allowed love, peace and bliss into her life.
Today AngelikA is sharing what has worked for her in terms of holistic food, fitness, lifestyle and mindset and still loves to express herself through arts, whether in front or behind the camera. She is still modeling and acting for selected projects that are aligned with what she stands for. 

Discover AngelikAs Food – Fitness – Lifestyle approach with “Bliss Factor”

“I love to create, perform and express”

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