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Soon soon soon I´ve got some epic and truly helpful resources for you here that will support you on your journey of growth. You want more energy, vitality and wellbeing? Then you will love what´s coming! Make sure to subscribe to my email-newsletter so I can let you know once it´s all up :)


Learn how to sprout

Learn how to activate the full potential & power power in your food. This is the key to more energy, vitality, wellbeing, longevity and most importantly the feeling of being FULLY ALIVE, radiant, happy & healthy. 

Coming soon

Recipes you´ll love

Yes, all my recipes are 100% vegan (fully plantbased), gluten-free, canesugar-free, high-vibe and even flour-free, often soy-free (unless otherwise indicated) They are delicious, nutritious & easy! 

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High Vibe Food

Learn how to quickly prepare easy, delicious "high vibrational" food that will nourish every cell of your body, raise your "vibe" and positively impact your energy-levels, mood, wellbeing and every area of your life!

Coming December 2019

Awaken your almonds

Grab my Ebook "Awakened Almonds" where you get essential insights on why you should soak your almonds and generally nuts & seeds.

  • How to correctly soak not only almonds but generally nuts, seeds as well as grains (before cooking)
  • Soaking time-table
  • 5 epic, quick, delicious & easy recipes + recipe ideas
  • Benefits for your health & wellbeing + easy tipps to integrate it into your every-day life
  • Free Ticket to my "Supercharge Your Life With Sprouts" LIVE-Webinar coming up

Coming up soon

What I am currently working on for you :)

Live your Bliss

How do you truly want to feel and to live your life? Get ready for game-changing tipps, tricks, tools, infos & interviews that will create growth in all areas of your life! My BlissLifeBLOG, BlissLifeTV and BlissLifePodcast are coming up soon! With topics all living a healthy, happy, blissful, awesome, kickass life! 

Coming soon

BlissLife Coaching

Desgin a life & lifestyle you love! Make 2020 the best year of your life so far! Get the keys to find the answers within. How? With the BlissLifeBOOK - a life-changing workbook & journal + world-class coaching an amazing community of likeminded people around the world & many more treats! 

Coming January 2020

Bounce into Bliss™

This holistic fitness & lifestyle program and moving-meditation-method BounceBliss™ combines the most efficient & effective physical exercise (rebounding) with holistic movements, the power of visualisation, breathing, mindset, meditation, positive psychology, awareness and purpose. Be ready for one of the most inspirational & powerful tools for increased awareness, wellbeing, fitness & transformation."

Coming Summer 2020

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