Welcome to the SproutingBliss™  Weekend Seminar

Come and experience AngelikA´s  SproutingBLISS™ seminar. Not only will you dive into the culinary wonderland of bean sprouts and microgreens but also into the magic of the South of France. You won´t look at food the same way after these  days of fun, mind-opening hands-on experience. The many tips & tricks, recipes and wisdom you will receive will awaken sprouting superpowers and change your life 🙂

In this seminar you will learn

Learn “The Art of Sprouting™” and experience new, easy and effective ways to prepare and enjoy delicious & nutritiousBlissFood™”no matter what your lifestyle together with a small group of like-minded people. You also get the secret to implement what you have learned in your everyday life to benefit of the dozens of advantages for well-being and vitality every day.

The Art of Sprouting
Get the full introduction into a safe, efficient and fun sprouting experience. Learn the why´s and how´s, the do´s and the don´t out of AngelikA´s half a decade of experience. theory & hands-on

 AngelikA´s BlissFood
Hands on:
create delicious & nutritious food based on sprouted and living foods. Learn new principals & styles, from sprouted Bliss smoothies, granola, to divine salads, main dishes, desserts,  Bliss yogurts, etc.

New Techniques
Master new techniques and recipes:  slow juicing, blending, dehydrating, using cheese cloths, nutmilk bags, etc. as well as fermenting (making your own plant-based Bliss yogurts or Ch´Eases, etc.)

How to smartly integrate
all of what you have learned into your everyday life to boost and maintain your vitality and well-being a life long..


You will learn

  1. The tremendous benefits and secrets of Sprouting
  2. The Art of Sprouting ” and how to easily integrate it in your everyday lifestyle
  3. The best Sprouting techniques and equipment (without and with earth)
  4. 70+ seeds you can sprout + nuts/seeds you can activate/soak
  5. Top Mistakes that everybody makes and how to avoid them
  6. How to create delicious & nutritious food with bean sprouts & microgreens & activated food
  7. Why and how to make grass juices (wheatgrass, barleygrass, oatgrass) and green juices and how to grow the grass
  8. How to use bean sprouts and microgreens to support health, beauty and your pets
  9. How to create food pretty much everybody in the family will love 🙂
  10. How to safe a lot of money every day with bean sprouts and microgreens
  11. You learn to properly use high-speed blenders, slow-juicers, dehydrators, spiralisers, nutmilk bags, ceramic knives and more.

All food is:

  • 100% organic
  • 100% plant-based
  • 80-90% raw vegan with a focus on living foods (100% raw on request)
  • gluten-free
  • canesugar-free
  • prepared with purified, restructured and revitalized “vital water”
  • made with love 🙂

Included in the package:

  • all food for course & course materials
  • 2x breakfast
  • 2x lunch
  • snacks for both days
  • purified, restructured and revitalized “vital” water during the classes


  • Special Surprise Goodie Bag 🙂
  • Certificate

With friendly support of:

A typical seminar schedule

  • Saturday (9-5pm) free time afterwards to reflect and exchange
  • Sunday (9-3pm) with an open-end picnic


06160 Juan les Pins, Alpes Maritimes, France

Nearest airport: Nice, Cote D´Azur, France
Nearest train station: Juan les Pins,
Second nearest train station: Antibes

Note: We are happy to help out with accommodation. We can refer you to a lovely, bright, light and clean apartment hotel just 3 mins from AngelikA´s BlissFood™ Kitchen. Best of all you get special prices as well.

Where most go from here:

easy steps

1. Choose a date

Please note that the seminars are taking place in the languages GERMAN and ENGLISH. The language depends on the participants. Please check in with us via mail if course language is not stated at the date.

14th-15th May 2016

Language: German/Deutsch
In Juan les Pins/Antibes

inbetween Cannes and Nice
in the sunny South of France

25th-26th June 2016

In Juan les Pins/Antibes

inbetween Cannes and Nice
in the sunny South of France

8th-9th October 2016

In Juan les Pins/Antibes

inbetween Cannes and Nice
in the South of France

16th-17th July 2016

In Juan les Pins/Antibes

inbetween Cannes and Nice
in the sunny South of France

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2. Contact me

For reservations (for specific date) & more you can contact me either via email to contact (at) angelikafurstler (dot) com or fill out the below contact form.  *Note: It is totally possible to organize a seminar for you privately or even for corporate events. Besides English and German seminars can also be conducted in French or even Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc. with the help of translators. You can also book AngelikA for private or corporate seminars. Get in touch with us to learn about the benefits that will bring to you. If you are interested in hosting a SproutingBliss™ Seminar in your city, then do get in touch with me here too. I am looking forward to hearing from you 😉

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3. Purchase your Ticket

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