Sprossen Kickstart Challenge (German)

The Sprouting-Kickstart-Challenge is a 7-Day Online Course with AngelikA Fürstler where you learn how to easily and quickly grow your own sprouts at home and easily create delicious plant-based gluten-free food. Get the key for more energy, vitality and holistic well-being for you and your whole family. No matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, flexetarian or omnivore – this is what has been missing.


Sprossen Vitality Club (German)

A 1 year program where you learn “The Art of Sprouting” & “BlissFood and dive into AngelikA Fürstler´s BlissFood! You will not only learn about creating super healthy, plant-based and high-frequency food for the whole family but also explore specific topics like the miracles of grass juices, detoxing, dehydrating & fermenting,  sprouts in summer, winter, sprouting when traveling/on holiday, essential oils & more. Besides the aspect of nourishing food we focus on practical lifestyle integration, habits, community & more! Enjoy monthly masterclass & Q&A calls with AngelikA all around BlissFood, Sprouts, High Frequency Foods, Lifestyle, Habits. 


BlissLife Challenge (German)

The BlissLife Challenge is designed to help you design your lifestyle consciously! Over the period of 10 years AngelikA has been developing the BlissLife Book, BlissLife Weekend and other tools and rituals to live a more conscious life, access her full potential, break free from old believes, behaviours and patterns and grow on all levels! When she started sharing this work with her private clients it turned out to be a mayor miracle maker in their lives too! NOW, for the first time, AngelikA is sharing her secret with the whole world and has even created a FREE video series to get started!


BounceBliss™ Program

What if you could be in great shape physically but also increase your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing with every workout you do? What if you had tools that can help you to feel better every day, become more centered, clear of what you really want to do in your life and a laser sharp focus on how to move on?What if you’d fuel yourself with the best and most delicious plant-based foods? What if all of this could be fun?

Welcome to my worldwide unique Holistic Fitness & Lifestyle program!  Learn more about BounceBliss™.

Online Program coming up soon.

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