Welcome here & now dearest one!

Everything you see here on my homepage, blog, shop and in my real life has the same intention and purpose:

To bring into and inspire BEAUTY, TRUTH, LOVE, PEACE and BLISS in the world, remind you of who you truly are and walk your own way, empower you to tap into your inner genius, live healthily, happily and holistically, be one, know that all is well and you are loved,  realize your full potential, fuel yourself with great food/thoughts/habits, reach for your dreams, live your best life, be positive, compassionate, peaceful, loving, caring and make your life and this world better, lighter and brighter in every possible way for everybody. I want to see you LOVE YOUR LIFE AND LIVE YOUR BLISS and to BE WHO YOU ARE CAUSE YOU ARE PERFECT LIKE THIS!

What to expect:

On this website you will find my “Bliss-Tools” all around holistic food, fitness, lifestyle/living and art that aim to
empower your lifestyle, boost your well-being and personal growth and add more BLISS to your Life NOW.
Just like they did with me and people from all over the world whom I had the honor to share this with.

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Most importantly, may every visit of yours on my homepage and every one of my articles, videos, newsletters, books, programs, life events, recipes, tips and tricks, etc. make your life brighter, lighter and add more bliss, color, love, peace to it 🙂

Thank you for being here right now!
With all my love and gratitude,



AngelikA Fürstler

Holistic Food/Fitness/Lifestyle Author, Coach, Consultant, Seminar Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur
International Underwater Model & Artist
Founder and Creator of BounceBliss™ Holistic Fit-Being
Founder and BlissFood™ Chef at VEGAN.SUPER.YACHT
Vegan, Animal- and earth loving Treehugger, Visionary,
Environmentalist, Passionate Singer, Traveler
, Student of School of Life

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