” Combining the most efficient and effective

physical exercise with holistic movements,

visualization, meditation, breathing techniques, 

positive psychology, awareness and purpose ,

is the most powerful  tool for transformation.”

AngelikA Fürstler


Welcome to BounceBliss

BounceBliss™ is a worldwide ​unique fitness lifestyle concept and philosophy AngelikA Fürstler has been developing since 2011. The concept and idea is to get ​ultimate results (=state of being) for body, mind and spirit by combining the ​most effective and ​efficient ​physical exercise routines with ​mental and emotional housekeeping​, ​body&mind awareness and ​connection to one self,​ far away from the mainstream fitness hypes. AngelikA integrated the power of visualization, meditation and positive psychology into her practice. For more ​purpose​, ​direction​, ​great shape,​ ​sharp focus​ and ​extraordinary well-being in & for life!​ ​

She has been sharing her method with people from all around the world. It is suitable for any fitness level and age.​ The oldest client she has worked with was 81 years old, the youngest one 5 years. Anybody can do it. It is the right thing for you if you love to experience a holistic and fun practice that supports you to feel better and better and keep on growing and realizing yourself.

These are the key components of BounceBliss

Holistic Movement
(Rebounding, ancient eastern & yoga inspired exercises)

Visualization, Breathing,
Relaxation, Meditation

Personal Growth & Positive Psychology

Plant-based Food
(Bonus: Fuel yourself with delicious & nutritious
plant-based living foods)


My Story

“I was struggling because I did not know where to go and what to do with my life as I was not fitting into the “mainstream” world. I tried to find myself until I realized that it’s all about “​creating myself​“. I knew even though I already “woke up” that certain parts of me were still “old programs” , beliefs and pains that needed healing.

I had spent too much time in gyms and even more holistic centers yet being on a hamster wheel of trying to reduce weight and then making myself a victim of emotional eating or simply the jojo-effect, etc. I knew there must be another solution to all of that. A more holistic one where we do not only focus on our physical “fitness” but also on our fitness and more well-being on all levels. I did not find what I was looking for, which is why I looked for answers, new ways and ultimately created my own way of holistic fitness.

I knew I wanted to gain clarity about who I truly am and how I can realize my dreams and vision in the real world and how to get back on the driver seat of my own life. It was time to cleanse my body, mind & emotional home and reprogram it all. I love and will always love yoga, yet I knew there was something else waiting to be discovered and created by me. 

After coming across the Kangoo Jumps I used them to stay fit and my  workout time turned into personal and spiritual growth sessions where I connected to my true self, released, relaxed, centered, took time to breathe and calm down to gain clarity and tap into my inner wisdom besides taking care of my body´s physical need to move and cleanse itself. It was my ticket to the positive spiral of life were everything took off.

I combined a variety of exercises I knew from my decade-long experience in yoga, handball, gymnastics, sports acrobatics, dancing, awareness & mindfulness training, etc. One aha-moment followed another and I had many realizations. New ways of moving, breathing and exercising were born out of this.

My method was constantly evolving and so was I. The change had to happen inside FIRST. People then started to ask me if I would share my method with them. I started with private coaching, then seminars and one thing lead to another.”


The Goal of BounceBliss

is not to “be faster, run longer or lose weight…” but to ​focus on your well-being during the process instead.

“One day I realized why I always had failed to stay in that place of ideal well-being (ideal weight, mindset, etc.) in the first place. I was so focused on getting there that once I got there I did not know what to focus on anymore since I already gotten there. One day I realized that the key was to consciously focus on how I ideally want to feel NOW and always in the first place and step by step my body and mind would adjust and it would soon be and stay reality.

A ​complete new approach of fitness that changes everything. We don’t count the centimeters around your waste but the ​smiles on your face​. The exercises are adaptable to ​any lifestyle ​and even the busiest agenda​. Alone 7 minutes of “bouncing” once or twice a day can positively change your life.


Benefits of Rebounding

  • reduce 80% of the shockon your joints (it´s a sustainable exercise you can do until you are old an gray as it will always be gentle to your body and promote your health and wellbeing)
  • increased lymphatic system stimulation which helps the body to eliminate toxins faster and more effectively
  • burn 30% up to 50% more calories compared to the same workout with regular shoes
  • save time: 10 minutes rebounding is like a 30 minute workout
  • shape your body ​naturally, gain and sustain your well-being weight
  •  Rebounding naturally releases “​feel good​ hormones“.  “Bouncing into Bliss™” most likely even more 🙂
  • improve your body posture
  • HAVE FUN​ staying fit & much much more.

and that´s the benefits of rebounding only!
Now imagine what happens if you add visualization, meditation, breathing techniques, positive psychology and awareness to the mix and make new “Bouncing” your habit for Life!

BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Nice France
BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Nice France BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Meditation BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Yoga BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Personal Trainer Fitness Cote D´Azur Holistic Yoga Vegan Rebounding BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Personal Development Reach Higher BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Retreat Holistic Lifestyle Vegan Fitness Yoga Mindfulness BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Partner Bouncing BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Fitness Yoga For Everybody Any Age BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Private Coaching Seminar SouthofFrance BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps South Of France BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps For Yacht Crew Yacht Bluewater BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Center Bliss Truth BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Holistic Fitness For Everybody BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps Cote D´Azur BounceBliss AngelikA Furstler KangooJumps For Teenagers

Where most go from here:

1. Join our BounceBliss Tribe

2. Get your pair of Kangoo Jumps

After signing up for news, invitations, trainings and joining our BounceBliss™ Tribe via email as indicated above you will also receive my “BounceBliss Kangoo Jumps GUIDE” for FREE. It will help you to find the model that is right for your needs. As there is different models for different sizes, body weight and usage. Usually the XR3 is the one for adults and it comes in various colors. Use my  PROMO CODE “ANGEL” to receive an IMMEDIATE -5% discount on everything you buy in the Official Kangoo Jumps Online Shop or simply click on the Gift Voucher below.


3. Join my Programs & Events

Do the Home-Study Program

You can access my comprehensive 6-week “Bounce into Bliss” Home Study Program from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Subscribe to my email list (see point 1) and be the first to know about this program (coming soon) and receive special bonuses. *Gift vouchers + Affiliate Program available.

Join a one-of-a-kind experience!

Join my BounceBliss™ seminars in the South of France, Austria or anywhere in the world. Learn “The Art of Bouncing™” and experience the “Bounce into Bliss™” Method in an amazing setting together with a small group of like-minded people.
*GIFT VOUCHERS are available too.

Private Coaching with AngelikA

Enjoy private coaching with AngelikA either alone or in a group in the South of France or any other location in the world. You can buy tickets for single sessions to learn “The Art of Bouncing” or “Bounce into Bliss”-method or purchase  coaching packages.
*GIFT VOUCHERS are available too.

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