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BounceBliss Celebration Weekend Seminar

30th April & 1st March

This weekend is my birthday weekend but also the official Launch weekend of “BounceBliss”. I thought there is no better celebration than to create this live event and make amazing gifts to everyone who is part of it. Why? Because you belong to the very first ones of a worldwide movement that will change the world in an incredibly positive way.

Welcome to the BounceBliss Holistic Fit-Being Lifestyle
In this weekend seminar you will experience the BounceBliss™ Holistic Fit-Being Lifestyle and learn the “Bounce into Bliss” Mindful Movement Method. The first holistic fitness approach (since 2011) that genuinely combines
*cell-activating rebound- fitness (rebounding is “the most effective and efficient form of exercises ever devised by men” (that´s what the NASA says))
*with yoga-inspired movements, conscious breathing,
*personal growth, awareness, visualization and meditation elements.

The goal is to get ultimate results for body, mind and spirit while combining the most effective and efficient physical exercise routines with mental and emotional housekeeping, body&mind awareness and connection to one self, far away from the mainstream fitness hypes. For more purpose, direction, great shape, sharp focus and extraordinary well-being in & for life! Suitable for any fitness level. The goal is not to go faster or compete but to feel extraordinary, reconnect to your center and be and feel the best you can be/feel!

In this weekend you will learn:
1. “The Art of Bouncing: Get the full introduction into a safe, quick and fun bouncing experience. Learn the why´s and how´s, the do´s and the don´t out of AngelikA´s half decade of experience.
2. “Bounce-into-Bliss-Method
3. BounceBliss Morning Routine you can apply everyday
4. How to smartly integrate all of this into your everyday life to support your personal growth and well-BEing a life long!

You will be empowered to:
* safely “bounce” rebound by yourself in all areas and terrains
* stay fit the sustainable way while having fun AND taking care of your joints and body in general
* feel-well on all levels the holistic way
* increase your awareness in all areas of your life
* share this experience with like-minded ones 🙂

1. Saturday 9.00am-5pm
(free time for afterwards, to exchange, chill on the beach, enjoy the sun, anything you like)
2. Sunday 9am-3pm and open end with picknick celebration on the beach

IDEALLY you will do this seminar with your own pair of Jumping Shoes. It´s what basically 99% of the participants do as they do the full introduction with their own pair of shoes and also learn everything about handling them.

(CONTACT ME before buying. I send you my KJ Guide and will advice you to find the model and size right for you. You also get a PROMO CODE from me that saves you money in the KJ-SHOP. IDEA: You can have the shoes shipped straight to us, so you can travel even lighter when coming here) Please get in touch with me via

Unique 1-Time Launch  OFFER:
* 2-day BounceBliss weekend seminar with AngelikA Fürstler (regular price 499,-) in a small group

* Priority-Access to the “Bounce into Bliss” 6-week Online Course with AngelikA Fürstler (value: 497 Euros)

* Exclusive Invitation and Lifetime Access to our “BounceBliss – Tribe” our onine communit with awesome likeminded people from all around the world

* Surprise Gift Box 🙂

* Get a 2nd TICKET for the LIVE WEEKEND SEMINAR for HALF THE PRICE. It´s a great gift. Bring a friend or family member to the live event for only 174,50€. I´ll add an additional FREE Ticket to the 4-week “Bounce into Bliss” Online Course so you can share the experience and enjoy it together.

TO SUM IT UP: You get a value of 1046€ …but you only pay:  
349,-€ for 1 Person + all the Bonuses
PRICE FOR a 2nd Ticket: 174,50€ instead of 349,-€

TOTAL VALUE for 2 PEOPLE: 2092€ and you pay 523,50€

I only take a small amount of participants as I focus on quality rather than quantity. Please send me an email to where you tell me a bit about you and why you want to join this seminar. I can´t wait to hear from you! Please note, first come first serve. This is a crazy amazing offer that won´t come a second time.
All further infos and support in terms of logistics, accomodation, food, etc. via personal email.

Let´s reach higher and live lighter!
The South of France, a nice pair of Bouncing Shoes, wonderful lush nature as well as an uplifting experience are waiting for you!

Email me now: contact (at) angelikafurstler (dot) com
I am looking fwd to welcoming you in my current home town Juan les Pins/Antibes on the Cote D´Azur.

Time to live your Bliss,

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