” Beansprouts and microgreens

belong to the most nutrient-rich and least expensive

superfoods in the world. They are a

true brainfood , “legal doping” for sports people,

effective rejuvenation for body and mind and an

intelligent investment into your health

and total well-being”

AngelikA Fürstler


The Wonderland of Beansprouts & Microgreens

Whether vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, flexetarian or omnivore – bean sprouts and microgreens are the KEY for a truly holistic nutrition for EVERYBODY. Never in its entire development will a plant be so loaded with essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc.)  and lifeforce energy like in this stage. Best of all, growing bean sprouts and microgreens at home is super easy and only takes a few minutes (3-5min) of time investment per day. Your rewarded: delicious & nutritious fresh living foods that will bring your vitality and well-being to the next level.
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My Story

My very first experience were the cresse microgreens we grew in kindergarden. However, I was totally unaware about what incredible superfoods I had in front of me neither did I know that there are more than 70 more varieties of bean sprouts I could grow. For years bean sprouts and micro-greens remained a “kindergarden project” in my head. Until I one day asked myself a few key questions that changed my life. One of them was:

“How can I nourish myself for life all life long?”

After plenty of research, trial and errors, spending lots of money on all sorts of expensive superfoods, etc. I realized that bean sprouts and microgreens were the missing key to a truly holistic & complete nutrition. Furthermore I could produce these living foods by myself very easily, quickly and enjoy them directly and freshly whenever I wanted.  Real gourmet food that everybody can afford as it only costs a tiny fraction of other fairly expensive health foods.
Soon I realized their magical supernatural powers 🙂 Even though I thought I was pretty fit and healthy before I have to say that it was really by implementing bean sprouts and microgreens as well the “activation” of seeds/nuts and living foods in general that actually really woke me up and changed my life for the better. I started to share this with people around me, create unique recipes and ultimately got contacted by a publishing company to write my first book on this topic.
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My Goal

is to share the miracle of “sprouting” with the world and
invite millions of people to join
and discover and experience which wonders bean sprouts and microgreens will create for them.

Where most go from here:

1. Join our Tribe

2. How to get my book:

CLICK ON THE BOOK to learn more.

3. Join my Online Courses

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I put together awesome fun courses you can do from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world to guide you into the wonderland of beansprouts and microgreens – step by step. Discover delicious & nutritious treasures and bring your vitality and well-being to the next level.

Memories that will last

Join my SproutingBLISS™ seminars in the South of France or anywhere in the world. Learn “The Art of Sprouting™” and experience new, easy and effective ways to prepare and enjoy delicious & nutritiousBlissFood™” together with a small group of like-minded people. *GIFT VOUCHERS available .

Conferences, Speeches, etc.

I love to share my message, experience, know-how all around the wonders of bean sprouts, micro-greens, living foods, delicious & nutritious food, healthy & fit lifestyle etc. to inspire, uplift and empower my audience to boost their vitality and well-being the easy and fun way.

4. Discover more

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